What Is A Family Dentist?

Dental Associates of Cumberland can provide a myriad of different care options to suit the needs of its patients. For example, for many situations, Dr. Angeles Felix and Dr. Alicia Tavares understand how to provide family dentistry in Cumberland, RI. But what exactly is this dentistry type, and what does a family dentist do? Let's take a look at this topic to learn more.

What is a Family Dentist?

A family dentist is a professional who provides oral healthcare treatment for a broad array of patients. They can work with parents, children, teens, and even older adults. They have a specialization in general dentistry that allows them to handle a surprisingly broad range of issues. They can not only provide available care but surgical treatment for various concerns.

In this way, a family dentist can provide crucial oral health improvements to those who need it without wasting a lot of unnecessary time. Importantly, these professionals can provide accurate and detailed tooth repairs that minimize long-term oral health issues. On that note, let's take a look at what family dentists do to give you a more in-depth understanding of their unique skills.

What Do Family Dentists Do?

Family dentistry in Cumberland, RI, can provide many benefits and treatments for you and your family. Just a few of the most common types of therapies include: 

  • Dental Cleanings – Get your teeth carefully cleaned and inspected every four months or so, checking for dangerous cavities and other types of dental and oral health issues. 
  • Fillings – Repair damaged teeth with fillings to keep them strong and healthy. Fillings also help to prevent widespread damage that may worse and cause more severe concerns. 
  • Restoration – If your teeth get severely damaged or decayed, you may need repair to help. This process may include some cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile. 
  • Fluoride Care – Enhance your overall oral health with fluoride and minimize the risk of long-term and severe decay problems spreading through your mouth.

Other care methods standard from a family dentist include sedation dentistry, more in-depth surgery, root canals, tooth replacements, and much more. Talk to your dentist to learn more about these care options and discover which you probably need for your care. 

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